Roasting Based on The Final Consumer

The producers and marketers of coffee think about this drink based on the tastes of the final consumer, since they are the ones who evaluate our product. That’s why at Enigma Café, as many other roasters of specialty coffees, we use different technologies and strategies to ensure the quality of the cup at the roasting time.

Why is roasting important?

During the roasting process of the coffee bean, all the physical and chemical changes that occur give the appropriate concentration of all the aromatic and flavor agents in the coffee. Depending on the treatment given at this stage of the process, the characteristics of the drink will be different from the organoleptic (sensory impression) and physical-chemical point of view.

How to analyze the degree of roast?

Many roasters use the Agtron Gourmet Scale to keep track of their roast. This is a scale used as a reference for measuring the roast point of coffee made by the SCAA. Its purpose is to standardize the roasting of the coffee bean.

Image: Agtron Gourmet Scale

Because of this, we consider roasting as a balance between art and science, since this process is a combination of experimentation and creativity of our roasting team.